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 Fran Pickett & Associates, Inc. has been providing expert facilities planning for governmental clients since 1998. 

Programming & Planning thru Post-Occupancy


 Leadership in the facilitation of community engagement, informed strategic thinking, and the development of data-driven, objective planning parameters is the essential ingredient of successful capital programs. Including Fran Pickett & Associates from inception to completion of your building program ensures that your program is responsive to user needs, and that your designers are responsive to your program. Upon completion, lessons learned can be incorporated into the next project in a cycle of continuous improvement. 

Designing for the Way Students Learn


 Translating pedagogy into architectural design is a daunting task for even the most seasoned designer. Fran Pickett & Associates, Inc. brings a background in curriculum and instruction that has been honed by many years of project planning and facilitation that ensures that spaces will be designed for the way students learn as well as the way teachers teach. Translation of theoretical information on multiple intelligences and learning styles into spaces that are flexible for the delivery of curriculum is the goal of a successful facilities plan. Places where students can succeed start with an understanding of how students learn. Fran Pickett & Associates, Inc. excels in facilitating dialogue between teachers and technicians. 

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